Birthday Parties

The Most Memorable Party EVER!

A high energy 2 hour event that will show your child’s Martial Arts ability and positive attitude in front of their friends. This will increase their confidence and educate their party guests about the respect, focus, and confidence needed to practice Martial Arts. We offer a variety of Taekwondo related games and practice some basics; like kicking and punching. The party guests will have a chance to break real wooden boards. A trained instructor will supervise and coordinate everything from beginning to end, so there is no prior martial arts experience required to participate.

Saturday 1:00pm ~ 3:00pm / 3:00pm ~ 5:00pm

2 hours of FUN
An Instructor to supervise your child’s birthday party
Real wood board breaking for everyone!

Also including two large pizzas, drinks, and decorations.

 $150 for current APlus members, $180 for Non-members

Includes up to ten party guests. *$3.00 for every extra child.*
 Pricing includes two large pizzas, drinks, plates, table set up,
indoor games, Martial Arts lesson, cups/forks

* Payment for the party is due no later than one week prior to the event.*