Little Nin-Ja’s Program

Little Nin-Ja Class
Too Young to Start? No Way!


A Plus Little Nin-Ja program is specially designed for preschool and kindergarten age children (4 to 5 years old). This program includes beginner and intermediate levels of our Taekwondo Black Belt program, but is a lot easier. Our Little Nin-Ja class will develop your childs focus, discipline, ability to follow directions, and, of course, coordination and physical skills.

Your child will gain:

  •  A sense of focus and determination
  •  A structured learning environment
  •  A fun and safe form of exercise
  •  Make wonderful friends!

Our Little Nin-Ja classes will keep your child excited with non-stop action. Your child will run, jump, kick, and punch their way to greater fitness. They will love every second of it!  We understand the unique challenges younger children present to both parents and instructors. Our Little Nin-ja instructor excels in giving your child the focus to learn Taekwondo, which will carry over to home and school as well. After completing our Little Nin-Ja program, your child will be fully prepared to join our regular Taekwondo Classes. We are committed to putting your Little Nin-Ja on the road to Black Belt Excellence!